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Whitman Launches 7th Edition Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars

ByKeith M. Jones

Oct 6, 2022

Whitman Edition will publish the newly expanded and updated seventh edition of A Guide to Morgan Silver Dollarsby Q. David Bowers, for the 2022 holiday season. The 336-page book will be available in December at bookstores and hardware stores nationwide. In the meantime, it can be pre-ordered (including online at whitman.com).

Seventh Edition coin-by-coin retail values ​​have been updated into an overview of today’s rare coin market, with prices detailed in 11 grades distributed and mint plus three levels of proof. The book includes hundreds of new images, with photographs from every date in the series as well as new illustrations in the story chapters and appendices, and galleries of silver dollars and error coins. The analysis of certified part populations has been updated. The seventh edition includes an updated appendix on counterfeiting morgan dollarsbased on research by Beth Deisherand a new appendix on the 1921–2021 centenary Morgan dollar coins. The index has been expanded for easy and comprehensive navigation of the book’s content.

Following the format of the first six editions, the seventh includes a history of the U.S. silver dollar dating back to the 1790s, and chapters on the design of the Morgan dollar, die making, the minting process, the five mints that struck the coin from 1878. to 1921, Treasury treasures and other accumulations. For collectors, Bowers gives advice on ways to collect Morgan dollars; ranking and market; and how to select rare matrix varieties. The book’s year-by-year catalog is an analysis by date and mintmark of over 100 pieces from the series. The appendices offer a report on the recent discovery of 1964 Morgan dollar dies and hubs in the Philadelphia Mint archives; a study of Morgan dollar patterns; a gallery and descriptions of misminted and erroneous Morgan dollars (including the 1882-CC “Great Serpent”); a study of counterfeit Morgan dollars in today’s market; and information about the Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act of 1921.

“No American numismatic library is complete without the latest edition of A Guide to Morgan Silver Dollars“, said Jeff Garretteditor-in-chief of Guide Book of United States Coinsin the foreword to the new edition.

The cover of the new seventh edition presents an almost perfect image 1896-S Morgan silver dollar, rated MS-69. Around him is evidence of iridescent color 1894; a cropped view of a 1964 Morgan dollar hub; a rare error coin, struck 25% from center; a 1921 “Chapman’s proof”, rated PF-67; a Judd-1371 copper stamped pattern; and a 2021 coin marking the 100th anniversary of the last minting of the historic Morgan dollar.

The Gazebo Series, named after the numismatic director of Whitman Publishing, Q. David Bowers, is a popular library of numismatic books, each covering a different segment of the hobby. More than two dozen volumes have been published in 2022, written by Bowers and other authors, including David W.Lange, Rick Snow, Katherine Jäger, Frank J. Colletti, Roger W. Burdette, Rick Tomaskaand Joshua McMorrow Hernandez. Together they include over 6,000 pages of history, market data, grading instructions and other valuable numismatic information.

Because Whitman Publishing is the official supplier of the American Numismatic Association, ANA members receive a 10% discount on the book when purchasing directly from the publisher. It can also be borrowed free of charge as part of ANA membership, via the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library.

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A Guide to Morgan Silver Dollarsseventh edition.
By Q. David Bowers; foreword to Jeff Garrett.
ISBN 0794849164
Softcover, 6 x 9 inches
336 pages, in color
Retail price US$24.95

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