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Wan Chai’s Starstreet Precinct Launches Official Guide

ByKeith M. Jones

Mar 9, 2020

Wan Chai’s Starstreet Precinct has launched an official guidebook featuring various meeting places and travel routes for different types of visitors.

The guide offers three tailor-made hiking routes, which should help visitors discover photogenic spots and featured shops in the neighborhood. They were marked by the Family Fun route, the girls route, and the guys outing.

The family-oriented itinerary includes a round-up of kid-friendly shopping and snacks, while visitors looking for good food and other delicacies can opt for the girls-in-a-day itinerary which showcases the L’Occitane Spa and the avant-garde Japanese women’s label YNC. The Guy’s Day Off Itinerary is a men’s guide, featuring sleek styling from Italian tailoring store Sarto Lab and happy hours at Ted’s Lookout.

In addition to the routes presented, using the back cover of the guide, visitors can create a miniature Starstreet Precinct pop-up scene.

Managed by Swire Properties, Starstreet Precinct includes Star Street, Moon Street, Sun Street, St. Francis Yard and Wing Fung Street. The precinct offers a number of cafes, restaurants, bars, galleries, fashion boutiques and interior design stores. It is named after a verse from the 13th century Chinese text The classic three-character, which says “the three lights are the sun, the moon and the stars”.

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