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Travel Guide: German spa town of Baden-Baden

ByKeith M. Jones

Oct 7, 2021

Baden-Baden is such a pleasant spa town that they named it twice and so exceptional that it was recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site alongside 10 other notable European spa towns. If you find yourself driving through Frankfurt on your next trip through Europe – or spending extended time in Germany – this Black Forest beacon should be on any dedicated sybarite’s secret hiding list. Who comes to Baden-Baden to get away from it all and relax? Presidents, shahs, high-end honeymooners and all who recognize this city by its enduring slogan: Baden-Baden is the good life.

Nestled in the southwest of Germany, Baden-Baden has been keeping young holidaymakers for two millennia. The Romans built their baths atop a predestined luxury getaway equipped with nearly thirty natural springs. The main tree-lined promenade, Lichtentaler Allee, runs along a bubbling stream that is the Oos River. Neoclassical and Belle Époque masterpieces rise above the foliage. An evening can include Michelin-starred dinners and high peaks at the majestic and wealthy Baden-Baden Casino, followed by days of peaceful relaxation at magnificent resorts, at famous spa facilities, on green hikes and through a historic town that’s always been on the disconnect and recharge.

Plan your trip to Baden-Baden

Reserve at least a few days to take advantage of the city’s myriad of offers. Baden-Baden is compact enough to be explored on foot, but renting a car allows you to spend a day in the Black Forest and explore nearby towns at your own pace, including a quick jump from the border to Strasbourg, France, just 38 miles away.

Baden-Baden is approximately 160 km from Frankfurt (the hub of Lufthansa) and 160 km from Zurich (SwissAir). The city’s train station offers quick 20-minute journeys to the nearby town of Karlsruhe, which then connects you to the rest of Germany. From there Berlin or Hamburg is an easy six hour train ride.

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