• Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

This travel guide features black history and culture

The online travel portal black and foreign, which has been generating travel ideas for the black community since 2015, recently launched a new tool that celebrates the contributions of black Americans in every way imaginable. If you’re a contextual learner, this interactive map of the United States is also a great way to immerse yourself in Black history, business, and culture.

the Black altitude map offers suggestions on how to learn more about black culture in the next American city that might feature in your travel plans. Given the Black History Month calendar, this visualization tool offers a great time for those interested in learning more about how black enterprise and culture have shaped America. For Black Americans, they have a new travel resource that speaks to them and with them, not to them.

“We have always seen an opportunity to uplift the community through exploration of the world,” noted Kent Johnson, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Black & Abroad. “The black elevation map is a way for us to share the positive vision of the brand from an inner travel perspective, while encouraging exploration in our diverse community. We will always have miles to go. We hope this map helps you on your journey.

Currently, there are approximately 30,000 points of interest to explore on this map.

Where Black History Month Comes Alive

Some of the suggestions for visiting black communities cater to any traveler’s curiosity about what to expect on a visit, such as where to see great public art, points of interest where American history has been shaped, where to eat and which places witnessed some of the greatest musical moments in United States cultural history being created.

But the team behind the Black Elevation Map went much further to share the stories of Black Americans. Where were the restaurants and businesses that played a role in starting the civil rights movement? Where are the major black-owned and run architecture firms? What safe spaces exist where Black Americans can experience the great outdoors? The directory is comprehensive and the map covers US cities large and small. At press time, this mapping tool also includes 12 specific city guides. The video and audio clips also do a great job of holding anyone’s attention.

Other points of interest include black-owned wineries as well as suggestions where to discover black poetry. And, for those on the go looking for black-owned businesses, users can type in the name of a city and access a quick directory.

Bottom line, this isn’t your parents’ Fodor or AAA travel guide.

Redefining the very purpose of a card

“From redlining to modern urban planning, you don’t have to look far to see how maps have been used to marginalize, divide and oppress communities around the world,” said Eric Martin, co-founder and creative director of Black & Abroad. , said in a public statement. “We wanted to help black travelers see the country in a way that prioritizes and celebrates the contributions of people like us – and facilitates travel choices that deepen engagement within our community.”

Regarding redefining the very meaning of an elevation map, Martin added, “Reusing a traditional elevation map is a way for us to weave joy and elevation into the history, experience and our interpretation of the data.”

For travelers interested in planning trips beyond the United States, Black & Abroad also offers curated travel itineraries and offers a wealth of information for those looking for a different experience once they get off the plane and through customs and immigration.

Image credit: William Rouss via Unsplash