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The York Minster Guide Book of Saints and Sinners for Sam

ByKeith M. Jones

Sep 29, 2021


A 40-year-old YORK Minster tour guide published a city history book and donated every penny earned to a charity with Down’s Syndrome.

During last year’s lockdown, Malcolm Walker, 85, a grandfather of nine, wrote to Saints and Sinners of the City of York, about the “interesting and unexpected characters and facts” he encountered over the years by researching the history of York.

Mr Walker has decided to donate all proceeds to the Down’s Syndrome Association because his youngest grandson, Sam, 22, has the disease.

He said: “Our view of the fishermen of York was determined by 19th century author William Harris Ainsworth – Dick Turpin was not a lovable thug, he was a vicious thug.

“Saints are like Dr. John Snow, who was voted the most influential physician who ever lived by general practitioners.

“I was starting to get a little bored and my wife, Edna, got fed up with me and said, ‘Oh, write a book! ”

“I had never seen a book where all these characters came together – this is the story of York, which, oddly enough, has been a capital more times than London throughout history. It is also a story of the United Kingdom.

Malcolm said he was not interested in making money “at his age” – his book has made him over £ 1,000 so far and every penny goes to the Down’s Syndrome Association.

He said: “We love our grandson Sam, he’s a lovely boy, childish in a way, and always interested in you – he’s so adorable, very popular with the family – the world needs of people like Sam. ”

A spokesperson for the Down’s Syndrome Association said: “We are delighted that Malcolm chose us, our members and supporters are our backbone as the money raised keeps us going so we would like to say a big thank you to Malcolm and hope everyone enjoys reading it.

“Since March 2020 we have seen a 50% increase in demand for our services but at the same time all of our face-to-face fundraisers have been wiped out, we are indebted to people like Malcolm who decided to fundraise. funds for us. in a new and innovative way.

You can buy Mr. Walker’s book online for £ 5 at mapiercy8.wixsite.com/mlwalker


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