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The utterly adorable guide to Super Mario 64 resurfaces online

ByKeith M. Jones

Mar 16, 2022

In our world of smartphones and Google, it can be hard to believe there was a time when gamers had to consult a book for strategy advice. Yes, you read that right – a physical book, printed on real paper. Strategy guides have gone the way of the dodo for the past few years, but perhaps the most incredible example produced has just resurfaced online.

Titled Super Mario 64 Complete Clear Guide Book, the Japanese strategy guide for the N64 game is a sight to behold. Instead of just screenshots, the book is filled with 3D dioramas of each level – and you can now (virtually) walk through it all. (Want to play Super Mario 64 right here and now? Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals available today.)

Almost every double page spread in the book is an absolute delight. Every level in the game has been rendered in gorgeous tactile 3D – which not only looks adorable, but is actually a really handy way to get a holistic view of multiple multi-dimensional locations.

do the work of God, Comfort Food Video Games (opens in a new tab) scanned and uploaded the entire book to the Internet Archive (opens in a new tab) in crisp HD. And unsurprisingly, the internet loves the trip down memory lane.

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Indeed, the world of Mario just keeps on giving right now. From the true color of her hat to the secret of Daisy’s teeth, a lot of weird and wonderful information has emerged in recent months. But the rediscovery of this adorable Japanese gem from the 90s might just be the cutest of the lot.

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