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The Mexican President presents a book of precepts “ethical guide”

ByKeith M. Jones

Nov 26, 2020

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Few world leaders talk as much about morals and ethics as Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and he presented an “Ethical Guide to Mexico’s Transformation” on Thursday.

López Obrador took office two years ago, promising government austerity and an end to corruption.

Like the president himself, the text presented on Thursday is socially conservative and is certainly not a traditional leftist leaflet. He calls the family “the cornerstone of society”.

The 20-point pamphlet is a collection of vaguely social democratic pontifications on work, fairness, forgiveness, justice and responsibility.

This marks quite a divergence for the once rigidly anticlerical Mexican government, which has long been reluctant to even talk about morality. But López Obrador often uses vaguely religious language and calls himself a Christian “in the broadest sense of the word”. He has long said he wanted a “moral constitution” and a “loving republic” for Mexico.

The government aims to print and distribute 10 million copies for free.

“Inequality in any area is the product of injustice and creates suffering,” says the brochure. “Like power, work takes on its full meaning when it is done for others.

“It is not a crime to accumulate and increase material wealth,” reads another section. “Whoever makes a reasonable profit by using his creativity and taking risks to create jobs will be recognized by society as a responsible businessman with a social sense. “

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