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The Bible is our guide | Advice columns

ByKeith M. Jones

Nov 26, 2021


From the writings of Reverend Billy Graham

Sometimes I feel like nothing I’m doing is going well, even when I put in the extra effort. I pray and ask God to help me see it differently but I remain discouraged. Since God promises to be with us, why do I feel defeated?

Dear DS: Discouragement, hopelessness, hopelessness, so many situations in this fallen world can make us feel that way. Problems and struggles can drain us physically, emotionally, and mentally – and can even erode our faith.

But God, our loving Heavenly Father, understands our feelings at times like these, and He wants to encourage and help us. The question we must honestly ask ourselves is, are we immersing ourselves in the Word of God and seeking his truth? The Bible is our guide, and for it to have an impact in our lives, we must open it and read it – daily.

Sometimes life takes us to difficult places. But even in the midst of them, God is with us, and nothing can happen to us that exceeds his ability to help. The scriptures say, “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4: 4, NLT). What treasure we have at our fingertips.

We must let the study of the Bible become central in life, not only to know it, but also to obey it. When we engrave His truths in our minds and hearts, we learn the power of the Word of God. God speaks to us through His Word, and it changes the way we think and act.

People from all walks of life are looking for answers to life’s problems, and the Bible has the answer to man’s deepest needs, and gives peace for today and hope for tomorrow.