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The best products for your next trip

ByKeith M. Jones

Jun 27, 2022

You can download all the apps in the world before your next trip, but you’ll still have to (dun, dun, duunn!) pack. No matter what method you use (roll, fold or throw it all away with a prayer), there never seems to be enough space for everything you think you need. But do not worry ! We have another guide with all your packing essentials.

If you need to pack your suitcase, do it efficiently with one of our space-saving packs. Ziploc compact bags keep your clothes as flat as possible, and the Bagail compression four-pack makes you look like a modern Marry Poppins who can adapt. everything in a bag.

Keep your toothbrush separate from… all your other stuff 🤢 with Gravel’s smartly designed bags. The brand’s plus-size bag fits all your toiletries (and more) and easily hangs up for full and easy access. The best part though? It comes with a handy TSA-approved pouch for liquids.

Portable? Check. Tablet? Check. Phone charger? Check. Fancy a traveling Best Buy? At least avoid wasting time with tangled cables (until Apple finally makes a universal charger) and get this cable organizer case. You’ll thank us later when one of your devices is at 1%.

Living in a suitcase is not always very comfortable when you are on the road. Now you can have both compactness and convenience with these hanging travel shelves. Simply take the device out of your suitcase when you check in and fold it up when you’re ready to go. No hassle and no clutter!

So you’ve been invited to a destination wedding and your black tie outfit is back fresh from the dry cleaners. Keep it in shape 🔥 with this compact clothes folder that will prevent wrinkles on the go. Bonus: it takes up less space than a traditional garment bag and you won’t have to deal with hangers at the airport.

Kiss the weekend ($98.00)

We didn’t know it was possible to store luggage, but this weekend bag has us obsessed. Perfect for short getaways or for taking extra outfits on the plane, it can be carried on its own or attached to a suitcase with a handy back strap. It also fits under some airplane seats. If our glowing review didn’t convince you, just watch this TikTok.

Improve your career and your life with Sidekick

Career advice, productivity hacks, entertainment and more. If it’s worth it, it’s here.

Skimping on your flight comes with some downsides, like squeezing your body into a glorified folding chair. Improve your legroom with this memory foam ottoman that attaches to your table top. Unfortunately it is not recommended for people over 5ft 4in (sorry, tall people).

Hey! You’re on vacation! You don’t need all your devices! Meet the bare minimum for your web connectivity needs with this multi-device Bluetooth keyboard that works with a phone or tablet. (And stop checking your work email!)

Don’t let a screaming baby or a rambunctious crew of bachelors ruin your trip before you even land. Insert these earplugs and the world will fade into the background so you can close your eyes for your next adventure.

Okay, we all know about the neck pillows you can get at the airport convenience store (which, frankly, sucks). However, this one is different because it is inspired by the anatomy of turtles! Get a real sleep on your next flight with this unique neck support pillow because you deserve R&R and your seatmate doesn’t want you dozing on their shoulder.

Easily remember every fun anecdote and crazy adventure with a travel diary. It has a small pocket to store receipts, tickets and other keepsakes. And, as you travel, you can purchase additional pages.

You don’t have to watch the TSA throw your expensive liquid products in the trash if you bring along these water-activated hand and body wash sheets. And we’ve also found laundry detergent sheets that are lightweight and mess-free for your clothes.

Safety comes first, especially in an unfamiliar environment. This portable door lock slides over any hotel, homestay style room or hostel door knob to help you sleep a little easier at night in your temporary home away from home.

In case you overdo it a bit at the duty free shop, you’ll want to get a luggage scale to avoid extra baggage charges. This portable scale handles up to 80 lbs and even has a built-in tape measure.

Relive your nostalgic golden age and capture new memories with this disposable camera. Have fun with it and let loose! You’ll just have to wait and see which blueprints were awesome or not until you developed it.