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Spearfish psychologist writes life guide to thrive

ByKeith M. Jones

Mar 3, 2021

SPEARFISH, SD – Dr. Mark Britzman is a registered psychologist and former teacher who has been helping people develop a better outlook on life for over 30 years.

Dr Mark J. Britzman

Dr Mark J. Britzman

Everyone faces life challenges at some point and a change in your mindset can make a difference.

Dr Mark J. Britzman, a licensed psychologist at Black Hills Psychology, says, “Our minds tend to drift into the negative, there’s a saying in our field, don’t believe everything you think – you know how can we change or reframe things so that they are a little more positive. “

Dr Mark J. Britzman

In his new book, Pursue the good life of survive thrive, it discusses strategies for achieving a more fulfilling life – such as starting each day with gratitude and mindfulness.

Britzman says, “The candle of life is burning and if we only have this life, let’s do it better because we can always improve ourselves. You really have to prepare yourself to have the best possible day.

Choose to focus on the good and use your gifts for the benefit of others will make life more meaningful, says Britzman: “Seize opportunities to help and bring out the best in others. “

Dr Mark J. Britzman

He mentions that finding joy in life’s daily routines and being present in the moments will provide more opportunities for happiness.

“To differentiate between short-term pleasures like mood swings, distractions and what are the things that really lead to lasting joy and happiness that usually – relationships, experiences, helping others do the same right thing.” if it costs you more than what you want to pay, Britzman says.

He also advocates getting out into the wild to help clear the mind, and there are plenty of opportunities in the Black Hills.

Dr Mark J. Britzman

Britzman adds, “I think anxieties are usually about the what ifs, what if that happens and what’s the next worst thing to come, and sometimes we back off… like ifs and regrets and that’s kind of the thing. recipe for depression and so we are talking about mindfulness which is being fully aware of the present moment and opening up are senses and you know the Black Hills can do that.

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