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Safe Zones and Quick Travel Guide

Ability to travel quickly Dying Light 2 will not be possible at first, but you will unlock it eventually. As for safety zones, they tend to dot the landscape. The most common factor is that these will always have UV lights, warding off Aiden’s infection and scaring away the infected when it’s dark. here is our Dying Light 2 guide to help you with subway station fast travel locations, Nightrunner hideouts and other safe areas.

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Dying Light 2 Safe Zones and Fast Travel Guide – Nightrunner Hideouts and Metro Stations

Types of security zones

Nightrunner’s Lairs are the most common safe zone in Dying Light 2. You’ll find them on rooftops or inside abandoned buses. They would normally have a player hideout (which is somewhat useless) and a bed (so you heal yourself or switch between day and night). However, before you can use these luminaries, you will need to activate the nearby generator by pressing the “F” key. Once done, the UV lamp will be powered. This location will also act as a spawn point in case you die in a nearby location.

To note: Other types of safe zones include windmills (since they would be controlled by a faction once you turn them on) and infrastructure (once assigned to a faction). There are also regular bases that belong to a default faction, as well as bandit camps that you have scavenged.

Unlock fast travel in Dying Light 2

To be clear, however, fast traveling in Dying Light 2 is only possible from one metro station to another. This mechanic is unlocked at the start of A Place To Call Home, a main story mission that occurs once you reach the middle loop (i.e. halfway through the game). This mission gives you access to the Subway: Downtown Court in the Downtown district. This will also unlock the main station (Quarry End), which you have already visited. Additionally, the PK Floating Fortress (the wharf) and the Holy Trinity (near the bazaar) will be available later in the campaign.

Besides the four examples I mentioned, you can find seven additional metro stations or rapid travel points in Dying Light 2. The difference is that you have to put in more effort to make the rest available.

Dying Light 2 Nightrunners Hideout Safe Zone 1a Subway Station Quick Travel Guide

Before you head to those other subways, there are a few key mechanics to consider:

  • These locations are populated by renegade bandits or undead zombies. If you face the latter, you must enter at night as it is a Dark Zone. This means that there will be many infected during the day, but most of them will doze off at night.
  • In the subway area, you can either eliminate enemies or sneak past them. Your objective is to reach the door that leads to the feeding room and open it with a lockpick.
  • Hit the switch and you’ll be tasked with jumping down the elevator shaft that leads down to the basement.

To note: It is possible for a metro station to activate its power supply simply by flipping the switch. But, this is a fairly rare occurrence. Most of the time you will need to find the other generators (as detailed below).

Dying Light 2 Nightrunners Hideout Safe Zone 2 Subway Station Quick Travel Guide

Once in the basement, you will notice that the floor is covered in chemicals. Try to avoid wading at ground level or your character’s immunity will drop.

The goal now is to find the generator switches and interact with them (there are about four to five per slot). Just check your screen for circular icons and use your parkour skills to navigate the area.

When this is done, return to the elevator and go back up to the terminal. You can then flip the switch to turn that spot into a fast travel point in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Nightrunners Hideout Safe Zone 3 Subway Station Quick Travel Guide

Inhibitors in metro stations

Before activating the switch, you are warned that all nearby loot will disappear. However, you will always find at least one Inhibitor waiting for you in your newly arranged safe zone/sleeping area. These inhibitors are used to boost your health or stamina, so you can learn better combat and parkour skills.

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Achievement “Tickets, please”

One last thing, there’s an achievement called “Tickets, Please”, which requires you to use a subway station to quickly travel around Dying Light 2. It is not enough to open the world map. Instead, you need to teleport to any subway, and when spawning, you’ll find a map of the transit system. Press “F” to interact with it, then select another subway terminal and hold “F” to travel there. This will earn you the achievement.

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