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Population Zero Weapons Early Access Guide

ByKeith M. Jones

May 15, 2020

Zero population weapons are limited in the current version of the game. Right now, for example, there are no ranged weapons in early access. However, there are five levels of melee weapons in the survival MMO, which can be obtained by unlocking their corresponding techs in the tech tree.

This weapon guide for Zero population will provide you with a list of all the weapons available in the game and how to get them.

Population Zero Weapons Guide for Early Access

Level 0 weapons

At the very beginning of Zero population, you can craft two of the simplest stone weapons in the game: the stone hammer and the stone knife.

These can be unlocked in the tech tree for a point of theory each. You will also need find some stones on the ground before you can make them.

Level 1 weapons

  • Bone sword
  • Bone ax
  • Bone spear
  • Bone hammer

Once you have a hammer or knife at your disposal, you can begin hunt Kvars in the area near the hub. The Kvars will drop bones, which can be used to craft bone weapons, such as the Bone Sword, Bone Ax, Bone Spear, and Bone Hammer.

Just like stone weapons, each bone weapon requires a point of theory to unlock However, bone weapons are much more durable and deal with beasts much faster, so it’s worth getting them as quickly as possible.

Level 2 weapons

  • Metal sword
  • Metal ax
  • Metal lance
  • Metal hammer

The next level of weapons is much more powerful than bone weapons. But to make metal weapons you must get metal shell fragments, which can be located in sectors G11 and D11 On the map.

Once you have metal you can unlock any of the metal weapons by spending three points of theory.

Level 3 weapons

  • Xenofongus sword
  • Xenofungal ax
  • Lance Xenofongus
  • Xenofongus hammer

The next weapon level will require you to use a workbench, which is on the top floor of the hub on the right behind Radov.

Before crafting xenofongus weapons, you must get xenofongus, which is a big blue mushroom. This species can be localized in the southern part of the map in the snow region.

When you have obtained the xenofongus pieces, you must temper them in the fireplace at the hub, then unlock the xenofongus weapons in the tech tree by paying 10 theory points.

Finally, approach the workbench at the hub and craft one of the xenofungal weapons of your choice.

Level 4 weapons

  • Scyphopod sword
  • Scyphopod ax
  • Scyphopod spear
  • Scyphopod hammer

The latest weapon level is currently the most powerful and durable type of weapon in Zero population.

The scyphopod is an extraterrestrial material, which can be obtained from scyphopod plants, an exotic species that also grows in the snow region. Once you have the Scyphopod Plant, use it to craft new Scyphopod Weapons at Worktable.

In order to unlock the scyphopod technology, you must have at least six points in the geodesy scientific branch and 25 theory points.

Then you can take on Boss Scyphopod in the Hive region, which would be hard to beat with any other weapon.

That’s all for Zero population weapons, but be sure to check back soon for more related guides on the game central page.

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