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Official guide “Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection” coming soon

ByKeith M. Jones

May 5, 2020


After Star Wars Day, are you eager to learn more about the laser swords used by the Jedi Knights? They are deemed “not as clumsy or random as a blaster – a stylish weapon for a more civilized age”, but do you know the ins and outs of the individual? lightsabers used throughout Star Wars Movies, television series, comics and video games?

Luckily, the famous Insight Editions publishing house has you covered: they’ve announced a new guide called Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection which will serve as a “comprehensive guide showcasing iconic lightsabers from the Star Wars galaxy”. This book will detail everything from Skywalker’s iconic lightsaber and Darth Maul’s famous double-bladed hilt to Kylo Ren’s unique butt design, among many others.

What is happening:

  • Insight Editions announced a new reference book titled Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection which will serve as a guide for the famous laser swords used by the Jedi and Sith warriors in the epic spage saga.
  • This comprehensive visual exploration of the lightsabers found in the Star Wars galaxy was written by Daniel Wallace, author of Star Wars: The Jedi Path and Star Wars: Book of the Sith.
  • Each broadcast features a detailed illustration of each lightsaber, allowing readers to see the intricate details of the grips and glow of each Energy Blade, along with construction info and additional filmmaker trivia about the creation of each. armed.

What they say :

  • Insight editions: “This gripping book is a must-read for fans looking to learn more about legendary lightsabers and the warriors who wielded them.”

Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection sells for $ 29.99 and releases Saturday October 10, but is available for pre-order now.


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