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New York City Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat and More


Even the city that never sleeps has had to slow down during the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the arrival of vaccines and 80% of Manhattan adults having at least one injection, New York City has returned to its energetic and frantic state. New Yorkers are ready to relive the city they love, and tourists are eager to experience it for themselves. So, with restaurants, hotels, and other businesses able to reopen at 100% capacity, it’s time to plan a trip or stay in New York.

It’s not quite business, however. Social distancing is always recommended, and with the rise of the Delta variant, masks are making a comeback (although this is NYC, you can probably find some very fashionable options). On September 13, restaurants and indoor shops will also be require proof of vaccination be allowed to enter. As long as you are vaccinated and can continue to wear a mask to protect yourself and others from Delta, you can still enjoy New York in a healthy and safe way. Here’s how to spend your free time if you’re in the mood for a change of scenery or just want to shake up your daily work from home routine.

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Where to stay

With hundreds of hotels in five arrondissements, there is no shortage of places to book for a night (or two, or three). As you reflect on the plethora of options, keep in mind location, price, and whether COVID-19 protocols are in place on site. Deal seekers should note that tons of properties attract visitors with promotions such as free extra nights, spa treatments, and heavily discounted rates to fill rooms, so choose wisely.

Baccarat Hotel New York

You may already know the name Baccarat. This French company makes some of the finest and most coveted crystals in the world, so of course the Baccarat Hotel derives its namesake from being a sparkling, shiny and opulent gem. Showcasing modernized French decor and aesthetics, the 114-room hotel positively drips with crystal adornments, from its prismatic glass façade and 17 bespoke chandeliers to crystal furnishings throughout the hotel. Here you can stay in French luxury, savor refined cuisine at the Grand Salon (a sparkling space run by wine director Matthieu Yamoum) or at the bar, indulge yourself in the decadent spa, take a dip in the swimming pool in marble and Suite. The hotel is located in the city center directly across from the Museum of Modern Art, so everything from art and dining to entertainment is right outside.

Price: From $ 826 / night

The Rockaway Hotel

Newly opened and located right by the beach, the Rockaway Hotel is a solid choice if you are looking for a getaway that is always accessible by metro or bus (i.e. far but not too far). Throughout April, the hotel partnered with East Hampton design firm, Destination Haus, to launch a decorated bungalow featuring an exclusive private dining area, beach decor and a romantic and intimate picnic setup.

Price: From $ 282 / night

1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel

With a rooftop pool and sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, the eco-friendly, nature-inspired urban oasis in Dumbo is epitome of luxury, with one perk. Treat yourself to a zen moment with a handcrafted cocktail, or stroll along the waterfront near Jane’s Carousel. The mood is decidedly cold, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Price: From $ 437 / night

The Langham New York

The majestic Langham New York Hotel is a downtown staple, conveniently located on 5th Avenue in the heart of Manhattan, just around the corner from the Empire State Building. So if you want to get out of your hotel in the morning and be instantly in the center of the action, with access to the theater district, restaurants, museums, and more, this is the place. The Langham boasts 234 chic and modern guest rooms and suites, most of which feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer enviable views of the New York skyline. The Michelin-starred restaurant Ai Fiori is located on site, with a menu drawn from French and Italian culinary influences, as well as an excellent cocktail bar. Other amenities include a fitness center, events and meeting spaces, plus luxury packages like breakfast in bed.

Price: From $ 725 / night

Where to eat

Ideal for breakfast: a smile

Start your morning at The Smile on Bond Street, where Chef Melia Marden makes a healthy, not at all flashy breakfast (think: almond butter toast, scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos). Grab the goods to go or take a seat in the modest outdoor dining area.

Smile menu

Ideal for lunch: Pastis

For lunch, Pastis offers unparalleled people-watching and one of the most COVID-friendly setups in town, not to mention a great Niçoise salad that pairs well with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc – remember, you’re in. vacation!

Pastis Lunch Menu

Best for Variety: Chelsea Market

If you prefer a quick take out option rather than a leisurely meal, Chelsea Market has just about anything you can imagine, from tacos to falafels, baos, and kimbap, and it’s all darn delicious.

Chelsea Market website

Ideal for cocktails: Dante

Continue to savor the flavors of the city with an aperitif at nearby Dante in the West Village. The legendary café is known for its cocktails, and we suggest its signature drink, the Garibaldi, made with Campari and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Menu at Dante’s

Best for dinner: Anton’s

At dinner time, head to Anton’s, located on a charming street corner, for comfort foods like pasta bucatini and bourbon pecan pie by candlelight.

Menu at Anton’s

Best for tacos: Tacombi

A restaurant with multiple locations across New York City, Tacombi is a perfect destination for Mexican tacos and beers, as well as vegetarian options. This Mexico City-style restaurant is also perfect for groups if you reserve in advance.

Menu at Tacombi

Best for Middle Eastern Cuisine: Qanoon Restaurant

Does Palestinian cheesecake or knafeh sound good to you? Yes of course. Your taste buds will set off on a Palestinian-inspired journey with traditional dishes such as Kofta (oven-baked meatballs with cauliflower, onions, tomatoes, and tahini sauce).

Menu in Qanoon

Great for entertainment: City Winery

End your evening with a visit to City Winery’s new location at Pier 57 – the outdoor patio perched on the Hudson River is the perfect place for a glass of locally produced wine at a social distance. If you are lucky, you can even listen to live music.

Upcoming Events at City Winery

Best for take out: Saigon Social

Looking for comfort food? Saigon Social is a Vietnamese restaurant with the best combo of wings and garlic noodles. If you are in the Lower East Side and want to grab some take out, this is the best place to grab some delicious comfort food.

Menu in Saigon Social

What to do

Whether it’s crossing bridges on a bicycle, crossing parks or visiting museums, the options are endless. The Whitney’s latest exhibition, Madeline Hollander: Flatwing, features video installations by the artist and choreographer that are sure to grab your attention. Be sure to check the rooftop for a drink before you go, or stop by Untitled to order an oat milk cappuccino. Bonus: Next month, the museum will be developing a public art project with David Hammons in Hudson River Park, so you can soak up the culture away from the crowds on the way out. And if you prefer water trips, we highly recommend one of the Classic Harbor Line sunset cruises to soak up the sights and history of the city.

Public Records, the music-slash-restaurant-slash-social space is worth a detour to Gowanus, if only for its vegan ramen evenings in the outdoor garden to music played by rotating DJs.

And if you can make the trip to Queens, Skyline Drive-In NYC, an open-air theater on the East River, has stunning views and a roster of crowd-pleasing movies, including Get out, Distraught, and Sex and the city, to name a few.

How to save money on your trip to New York


You won’t run out of interesting things to pick up the pace when visiting New York City. Whether it’s visiting museums or just taking in the scenery in the city’s stunning parks, there are plenty of ways to enjoy New York City without leaving a huge gap in your pocket. It all comes down to putting together the things you want to see or visit in New York City. You might be surprised that most of the items on your itinerary are affordable or even free. Besides what we have already mentioned in this article, you can refer to Kayak to find more exciting adventures and places to visit in New York City.


When planning your dream vacation to New York City, one of the first things to take care of is accommodation. Fortunately, New York has a plethora of hotels that will suit almost anyone. To get the most out of your stay, you need to carefully consider your budget and itinerary. You can book a night in a luxury hotel, as long as it doesn’t compromise everything else. You should also make sure that the chosen location strictly follows COVID-19 protocols. Take a look at discounts, deals and the best places to stay in New York City with our picks above. If you find that these hotels are not up to your itinerary, you may also want to check out Kayak for the best accommodations in the Big Apple.

Vehicles rental

In bustling New York City, you can hail a cab to take you from one destination to another. Although if you want to save costs during your trip, taxis will not reduce it. Although this city full of beautiful sights and sounds is rather walkable and has a metro, you may want to consider hiring a vehicle. Not only will it save you freight cost, it is also safe, convenient and comfortable. It’s like having your own driver. Through cars “data-title =” Kayak.com “data-cta =” Kayak.com “> Kayak.com, you can find great deals on sweet car rentals that will surely ease your worries.

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