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MUSIC MATTERS – New guide for Coventry UK City of Culture, Coundon’s Hot Talent and the Wall of Hits

ByKeith M. Jones

Apr 8, 2021

COVENTRY Music Museum curator Pete Chambers BEM writes for The Observer.

The best book of all time?

Author Rob Ganley’s new book ‘111 Places in Coventry You Shouldn’t Miss’ is a fascinating city tour, highlighting some of the gems that are sometimes obvious but often hidden from plain sight.

Yes, the Coventry Music Museum and the 2-Tone Village both have separate entrances, and I’m proud to be named recorded here.

But when I say it’s probably the best book I’ve ever read, I’m saying it from the perspective of a proud Coventrian, not someone interested in it.

I like to think I know a lot about the culture of Coventry, but even I was stunned by some of the facts that were in the sky blue covers of the books.

I asked Rob a few questions about the book and what inspired him to write it.

He said: ‘I’m a kid from Coventry – I was born in Walsgrave Hospital, grew up in Tile Hill, went to Woodlands School – and I really wanted to play a small part in the excitement. around the British cultural city of Coventry. status for 2021.

“So researching and writing the book was a labor of love.”

How much did you have to leave out?

He added, “At least half of the places I ended up including.

“I was really spoiled for choice, even though photographer Ian Williams and I produced it during the pandemic late last year.”

111 must-see spots in Coventry cost £ 12.99 and are available online at Hive, Waterstones and Amazon.

Publisher Emons is currently in discussions with a number of locations featured in the book, as well as other retailers, who are welcome to order and stock it.

And the winners are?

I’m proud to be a judge on ‘Coundon’s Hot Talent 21’ and the winners are.

Although without wanting to appear flippant, everyone was a winner and as a judge it was really a difficult task to decide who deserved to win.

All salute the Coventry Arts Collective i.e. local legends Neil and Gayle Bradley are involved and have worked tirelessly to make this happen.

Plus, a big thank you to another local legend, Roze Navab, and his media and tech skills that made it all work.

Everyone was really amazing, but congratulations to the amazing Lyra Sandu who took the victory in the -15 category.

Lydia Rogers won the 16+ solo category and Duke Keets won the group category.

The wall of hits

It took many years, but finally the Coventry Music Museum has a new addition to its Wall Of Hits.

Now that half of the rap duo A1 x J1, is the 15-year-old rapper Cov A1 who reached second in the BBC Top 40 charts with the song ‘Latest Tends’.

This is the history of Coventry music and something that still fascinates me, especially after such a long wait.

This dynamic partnership was formed during the lockdown and a sample of the song went viral on Tik Tok and the rest, as they say, is history.

It’s great to see Coventry finally become a base for rap and grime.

It’s of course wonderful for Cov to always be linked to ska music, but it’s so refreshing to see fresh blood helping to shape Coventry’s current music scene with its trending sounds as we emerge as new. young town.

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