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Guide published to help recreation enthusiasts explore the lower Yellowstone River | State and Region

ByKeith M. Jones

Jul 18, 2022

Fish, wildlife and parks

Boaters and other visitors will soon have a new resource when they venture onto the lower Yellowstone River this year.

The “Lower Yellowstone River Guide” will be available free of charge at FWP offices and local sporting goods stores in communities along this scenic and remote stretch of water. The guide can also be downloaded at: https://fwp.mt.gov/activities/boating/lower-yellowstone-river.

The guide aims to help visitors to the lower Yellowstone River plan a trip, know where to access services and how to stay safe. It includes over 30 maps that include river mileage for boating, scenic photos, advice on points of interest and recreational opportunities, historical and cultural information about the area, and information on the security.

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“Lower Yellowstone and its eastern Montana communities offer a treasure trove of recreational, historical and educational opportunities,” said Hope Stockwell, FWP Parks and Outdoor Recreation Administrator. “It’s a beautiful and expansive landscape, but the power of the river must be respected, and this river guide will help visitors enjoy their time here and stay safe.”

The guide also reminds recreation enthusiasts of the importance of responsible recreational activities for the stewardship of natural resources and respect for other users, communities and landowners.

This stretch of river is quite remote and the possibilities of access are still limited. Visitors can expect a remote experience and should be prepared for untraceable recreation, whether boating, camping, or simply touring the area.

FWP created the guide based on recommendations from the Governor’s appointed Lower Yellowstone River Advisory Committee. The 12-member group was formed to help shape future opportunities for improved access, habitat conservation and sustainable economic development along the river corridor. For more information about the group and its recommendations, visit the group’s webpage.

The cost of in-house publishing was about $3,500 for 1,000 copies plus staff time, according to an FWP spokesperson.

Conditions on the river can be unpredictable. Floaters and other recreational enthusiasts should check flows and conditions before heading to the river.