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Gotham Knights Quick Travel Guide

ByKeith M. Jones

Oct 21, 2022

Getting around the open world sandbox of Gotham City in WB Gotham Knights can be relatively slow in the early chapters, especially if you don’t spend time grinding to unlock the Knighthood skill tree for the gliding ability. There aren’t too many options to choose from: neither the grappling hook nor the batcycle fit the definition of “fast” exactly. Undoubtedly, you will want to know how to teleport faster around the map, and for this you will have to unlock fast travel.

Technically, you can fast travel from the first mission, but only to return to the Belfry, and that ends the night and your patrol (this remains the same for the entire game as far as the Belfry is concerned). You will not unlock the ability to teleport around Gotham City to other locations until you complete Mission 2.1where you receive a message from Lucius Fox, accessing his secondary mission in Otisburg.

But once you do, go to the Foxteca building in Otisburg, New Gotham, and talk to Lucius. After a short cutscene where he reveals a mechanized glider, talk to him again and he’ll tell you that before you can use it to move around, you’ll need to scan and reprogram GCPD drones around Gotham City. It will mark the first location on your map.

Gotham Knights Fast Travel Explained

Fast travel points appear on the map as GPS location icons, and there are eight in all. Before unlocking them, they are white; they turn green once you’ve scanned the drones flying around them and Lucius has worked his magic.

Your task is to reach each location and find the drone(s) flying in the area. Approach them, open your AR device, and scan them. This allows Lucius to skip them and unlock the fast travel point.

As you progress, you will encounter armored drones, which can only be scanned after dropping their shields, and they only drop their shields once they land on docks spread across rooftops near the fast travel icon. You can use your AR pulse to see drones and docks through buildings and other structures.

  • Unscanned drones have orange outlines.
  • Scanned drones have white outlines.
  • Docks have white outlines.

Once you’ve unlocked two or more fast travel locations, you can open your map, interact with an icon anywhere on the map, cycle through all of the locations, saving you from scrolling to each individual icon on the map. It is worth unlocking this mechanism before tackling all the collectibles since he is crossing a lot Easier.

It is worth noting that where you scan the drones is not necessarily the exact position of the final fast travel location. For example, scanning drones in Otisburg actually opens up a jump point in the Bowery. There are no fast travel locations in The Cauldron or Robinson Park.

Drone and Fast Travel Locations

The financial district

  • The first scan location and GCPD drone you will encounter is in the Financial District, just southwest of the Belfry on Barr Avenue. There’s an unarmored drone here. Scan it to access the system and open the next location in Southside. The fast travel beacon spawns just to the northwest.

South side

  • The second scan location is in Southside, just south of Cobblepot Steel and northeast of Star Labs. Here you will encounter your first armored drone. Wait for it to land and scan it. This unlocks all other scan slots on the map.

Old Gotham

  • The third scan location is in Old Gotham, north of City Hall across Grand Avenue. There are two drones here: one armored and one unarmored. The fast travel beacon is basically in the same place.

Tricorn Island

  • This sweep area has two unarmored drones flying around the Armory on Arsenal Street. They will also slide towards Avenue Dumas and Rue Sprang. The jump point will be on the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge west of Sprang Street.


  • The scanning area for this one is in the far southeast of Otisburg, near the monument of St. Aloysius Church. There are three unshielded drones flying around the tower, low, medium, and high. The fast travel point is in the Bowery on Park Row, just southwest of the Monarch Theatre.

west end

  • The sixth sweep area features two armored drones and one unarmored drone flying around the area just north of the Gotham Gazette, in the area between Bohler and Croydon Avenues. The jump point will spawn on the building on the north side of Croydon Ave.

Gotham Heights

  • The seventh sweep location has two armored drones and is in the building where Dryfold Avenues turns south into Mason Street southwest of Gotham Heights. The jump point spawns at the Martha Wayne Art Gallery just to the northwest.


  • The final sweep area includes three armored drones flying around Beacon Street and Mercey Avenue, in the same block as the LeBlanc Funeral Home. They cover the entire area and have multiple docking stations. The fast travel beacon appears south of this block, across Mercey Street from the Robbins Bridge entrance.

With fast travel unlocked, getting from district to district for missions and hunting collectibles is much easier than with the grappling hook or batcycle. To find out more, visit our Gotham Knights home page.