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Everything you need to know before going to Costa Maya

ByKeith M. Jones

Jul 21, 2022

Are you traveling to Latin America? Mayan Coast is one of the best tourist spots you can visit on your trip.

Costa Maya not only offers you to know all the history of the ruins of Costa Maya, but also gives you access to beautiful beaches that have the Caribbean appeal that you can find in the beaches of Mexico.

If you are going to Costa Maya on a cruise, you will arrive at the Costa Maya Cruise Terminal, and although many people take this port for granted and start doing other things right away, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. to explore this port and see all that its Malecon has to offer and its sights.

However, it’s hard to know what a place has to offer if you’ve never been there, so we’re here to give you a hand before your trip. Read this page to know everything before you go to the cruise terminal!

What is Costa Maya Cruise Port?

As the name suggests, the Costa Maya Cruise Port is where cruises depart from when leaving Costa Maya or where they arrive when visiting. This port can handle three cruises at the same time, so you don’t have to wait for ships to move to get you there.

The Costa Maya cruise port is just hours from Cancun, Mexico, and is one of the most modern ports in the country. You can find several things to do in this port before heading to your final destination, we therefore recommend that you take the time to do some of the activities the port has to offer.

The reason why this port includes many tourist activities is the density of the population that visits it every year. Therefore, they needed to make the cruise terminal more useful and enjoyable for those visiting it.

How to Get to the Costa Maya Cruise Port

People who travel to Costa Maya do so primarily by cruise, and we recommend doing so as it is the most comfortable way to do so. Other than that, it makes your overall experience better and more luxurious. Many people visit the Costa Maya to see Mayan ruins. We therefore recommend that you book a day pass for all attractions some time before you go.

Regardless, cruises aren’t the only way to get to Costa Maya or the Costa Maya Cruise Port, and you can opt for other options if they fit your budget better or if you don’t feel comfortable cruising.

It’s not that difficult to get to Costa Maya by road, but it would take longer than you would by sailing. Costa Maya tourists can get to the Costa Maya cruise port by taking a taxi, golf cart, or even a shuttle bus.

You might think it’s weird to go to the Costa Maya cruise port if you haven’t been to Costa Maya on a cruise, but it’s more common than many think. The cruise terminal also includes a Malecon – that’s the name they use for their walkway – so you can cross it to get to other areas of the port.

What to do in Costa Maya Cruise Port

As we mentioned earlier, the Costa Maya cruise port is an attraction in itself because of all the things you can do there. But if you’re interested in something more than seeing the harbour, there are plenty of Costa Maya Tours available in the region. Do you want to go there and try it yourself? Here is a brief overview of some of its attractions:


Although they are not attractions in themselves, it is always good to know all the services available to you as a tourist when you go there, and these are the main services that all tourists should have access to when visiting. they travel. First of all, you have several ATMs there, but most of them only accept US dollars.

There are many bathrooms spread around the cruise terminal, so don’t worry about traveling a long distance just to use the bathroom. You can also find first aid services and a pharmacy in case you feel unwell or think a pill might help you feel better.

The pharmacies in Costa Maya Cruise Port have almost everything one would need while on a trip and have a decent stock of medications, so be sure to ask for specific pills to see if they have any. You also have information kiosks in the port if you ever get lost or have questions about the next destination.

Other than that, you can access taxis and golf carts from this port if you don’t feel like walking and prefer to get to your next destination faster. Nevertheless, they come at a cost, so you should have cash available for it.


Wherever you go, shopping is one of the best parts of the trip, and the Costa Maya cruise port offers a wide variety of craft markets and duty-free shops for you to pick up souvenirs. of your trip. Cigars and tequila are especially popular here.

Pool attractions

Want to swim as soon as you arrive in Costa Maya? You can do it at the cruise terminal! However, you can do more than swim in the terminal’s beautiful pools and beaches since you can also enter the Dolphin Discovery attraction to see dolphins and even swim with them.

Some of the beaches and swimming pools in this port are free to access, but you have to pay a fee if you want to have a table for yourself.


You can’t leave the Costa Maya, or Mexico in general, without trying all that Mexican cuisine has to offer. You can find excellent restaurants in the cruise terminal, such as Kakaw (chocolate tasting), La Consentida (tequila tasting), El Faro (grilled meats) and Cantina Latina (Mexican cuisine).

Final Thoughts

As you may have seen, the Costa Maya Cruise Port is among all the things you can do here, so it’s a must on your to-do list when you go to Mexico.

Remember that you should always learn a bit more about where you are traveling before you get there. Plan your trip to have enough time for all the activities there!