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Christian Guide Book Shows How To Be A “Dream Believer”

A dream believer

Stephen Kelison Jr.

Stephen Kelison Jr.

Stephen Kellison Describes the Qualities Believers Should Aspire to

VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – By contemplating the attributes that would be essential to be an ideal Christian, Stephen kelson determined the aspects that make up “A dream believer“based on his in-depth study of the scriptures. Through this, readers will be equipped with the knowledge and wisdom they need to cultivate their faith and become better Christians.

An ordained minister, Kellison was inspired by a vision, stating that in 2012 the Holy Spirit revealed to him that over time mankind has brought together the best, the cream of the crop, unprecedented people. . He compares her to the dream Olympic basketball team and elite legal aces OJ Simpson gathered in his defense. Then that line of thought took hold and Kellison began to consider the characteristics that would be required to be a great Christian, the qualities that they should have. He then examined the scriptures to determine these aspects.

“A Dream Believer” describes the biblical qualities that Kellison says every Christian should have. His book challenges readers, inviting them to test themselves, to learn to walk in humility before their Lord, and to understand the importance of prayer. Kellison helps her audiences cultivate a deeper understanding of their faith and its key components. It shows the power of prayer, as well as Kellison’s remembrance of when God saved an atheist friend and colleagues from death, an unbeliever who suffered a heart attack and was clinically dead before coming back to life. and become born again. believer. Based on his studies and his experience as an ordained minister, Kellison came to the conclusion that the qualities he highlighted are essential in the spiritual journey of the faithful and their path of Christian growth and development.

“My prayer is that this will bring you into a closer and more powerful relationship with the Lord.” Kellison said. His book is particularly relevant to those who believe that God has been cast into the back burner of heart and mind in recent times, with the wide array of distractions and temptations in modern society spoiling the soul and taking all thoughts and conversations. Kellison argues for a return to Bible truths and with his book he aims to help believers be all they can be in order to serve God in the best possible way, just like how the early church shared the Good News, which believers have prioritized in their thoughts and conversations. With these biblical qualities, Kellison hopes to restore believers’ fear of the Lord and make their faith relevant in their lives once again.

About the Author
Stephen Kellison became a born again believer in 1996. Three years later he became an ordained minister through the Ministers for Christ Outreach Center in Arizona. Kellison is the author of three books: “To Soar To New Heights” in 2006, “A Dream Believer” in 2012 and “There Final Weeks” in 2018. He is an evangelist. Currently, he resides in Madison, Virginia with his wife. They have three sons as well as two daughters and two grandchildren.

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