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Award-winning London bartender publishes cocktail guide

ByKeith M. Jones

Oct 15, 2021

Famous bartender Ciprian Zsraga, who worked at the American Bar in the Savoy and the Artesian in the Langham, has published a guide to making cocktails and equipping a bar well, for professionals and home enthusiasts alike.

Lucky Drinker’s Cocktail Book covers everything from bar equipment and techniques for creating exceptional cocktails, to famous bar personalities and their influence in the beverage world, as well as food and drink pairings.

The book also examines how to calculate the cost of a cocktail and create a profitable cocktail menu.

Zsraga, from the Amalfi Coast in Italy, said: “I have been in the bar industry for 16 years and have always had a passion to inspire others. I wrote a blog, but in 2016 I started to pose the first words of what has become this book. There were a lot of challenges, and it took passion and obsession to publish it.

“The book is aimed at a wide audience; for people new to the bar industry and for those outside the industry. Readers can start with classic cocktails, then have a drink that is easy to prepare, but use modern innovative methods to take it to the next level, such as clarifying it.

Zsraga comes from a hotel family and worked as a pastry chef before becoming one of London’s leading bartenders. He was head bartender at the Sofitel London St James and the Polo Bar in Westbury, Mayfair, and ran the bar at the American Bar in the Savoy and the Artesian in Langham.

He is the founder and director of The Lucky Drinker, a supplier of glassware and bar equipment.

“I’ve always had a passion for glassware,” he says. “During Covid-19, I decided to open this glass business – and there is no minimum order, which is a phenomenal feature.”

The Lucky Drinker’s Cocktail Book by Ciprian Zsraga, published by Clink Street Publishing, is available direct from theluckydrinker.com, as well as in physical and online bookstores. It is also available as an eBook.