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Austin Travel Guide – Hotels, Things to Do, Restaurants and More

ByKeith M. Jones

Oct 27, 2021

What started out as a small riverside town in Texas has grown into a bustling metropolitan area popular for its distinct liberal culture, affinity for live music, quirky personality, and rapidly growing roster of famous residents. .

There is something about the energy of Austin – the capital of Texas and home of the University of Texas – that permeates visitors, inviting them to enjoy the simplicity of life in Texas with perks like a well-established culinary scene, upbeat music, artistic culture and the appreciation and preservation of nature.

Above all, it is the strangeness of the city that attracts people. Whether it’s Matthew McConaughey getting arrested while playing bongos naked, or dozens of couples and families watching the world’s largest urban bat colony leave the South Congress Bridge at sunset. , there is something a little disabled about the daily events in Austin that make it an intriguing destination.

Over the past decade, Austin’s population has grown by 21%, making it the second fastest growing large city in Texas. This boom has helped the already interesting city to become a tourist destination with even more restaurants, bars, activities and one-of-a-kind sites.

No matter what your vibe – hipster, high, hippie or humble – there is something for everyone in Bat City.

Despite massive growth, the influx of tech companies, and continued construction, the nuances of small-town Austin’s origins help make the city exciting, fun, and, yes, a little odd.

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