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Asbestos Management Assurance Process Portal Access Guide (AMAP)

ByKeith M. Jones

Jul 9, 2021


We reopened the A MAP portal to allow responsible bodies a last chance to provide assured answers when our files show that either we do not have an answer for their schools, or the information we have is incomplete. The submission window will close at noon on October 29, 2021.

We have provided guidance to help responsible bodies work with schools and resolve the most common issues encountered while using the portal.

Responsible bodies should also read the Asbestos Management Assurance Process User Guide before submitting a statement of assurance.

Access A MAP portal

You will need a A MAP code and identification number of the body responsible for submitting your declaration of insurance.

This information has been emailed to you no later than July 20, 2021. Please check your inbox or spam folder.

Please include your official school or institution email address.

We will contact you within 7 business days and help you find the correct code.

Common queries

How to connect and locate my A MAP coded

A school / academy must log in using its credentials and the A MAP code and a responsible body must log in using their credentials and the A MAP code to ensure and complete the A MAP to treat.

Once the school has completed its investigation, its responsible body can consult it and submit its statement of assurance.

The login details have been sent to the responsible bodies in an e-mail no later than July 16, 2021. If you cannot locate your A MAP code, please email Asbestos.A MAP@ education.gov.uk, indicating the official name of your school or institution, your email address, your postal code and URN and the service will help you find the right code.

Can’t click URN on dashboard

If you cannot click the unique reference number (URN) to add information, please follow these steps:

  1. Log out of the responsible organization’s dashboard.
  2. Log in again using the URN and A MAP coded.
  3. Log back into the responsible organization dashboard once you have completed the school form.
  4. Use the dashboard to provide a statement of assurance.

Having problems opening the portal itself

If you are a responsible body filling out the form on behalf of more than one school, be sure to sign out of a school form before accessing another school’s form.

Not finding some schools on the list

The pre-filled school data stored on the portal is valid as of March 1, 2021. If a school / academy or responsible body is not on the A MAP portal, a request must be made to A MAP letterbox, asbestos.A MAP@ education.gov.uk, to get this rectified and so A MAP codes can be generated. The school / academy or responsible body must send the name of the school / academy and URN, the name of the responsible body and URN, e-mail address of the responsible body, postal code and name of the principal of the school / academy.

Closed or transferred schools visible on the dashboard

You can see schools for which you are no longer responsible on your dashboard.

If a school has closed or changed status during the A MAP process, it will remain on your dashboard until the data cleaning process is complete.

The school will then be canceled or transferred. It will not affect your assured response.

Make changes to a school form

Schools cannot edit a form once it has been submitted. Instead, they should ask you to reopen the form.

To reopen a form:

  1. Log in to the responsible body’s dashboard. Use the identifier of the responsible body and A MAP Code that the Department of Education (DfE) sent you in an email.
  2. Click on the school URN .
  3. Consult the summary of the form.
  4. Click on the “refer” button at the end of the form. The school can then modify the form. Do not check the ‘declaration of assurance’.

School unable to make changes

The forms will remain read-only if you checked the insured declaration box before pressing the return button.

To remedy this, return the form without checking the insured declaration box.

A MAP report

We published the A MAP report, which includes:

  • an analysis of the data received
  • a list of responsible bodies that provided responses

Email: Asbestos.A MAP@ education.gov.uk

Please include your:

  • official school or institution email address
  • phone number

We will respond to all emails within 7 business days.

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