• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Access the new National Drug Control System website guide (accessible version)

ByKeith M. Jones

Jul 14, 2022

The Home Office upgraded to the latest version of the National Drug Control System (NDS) on July 12, 2022. As a result, there are some small changes in functionality and appearance for NDSWeb users.

The purpose of this document is to highlight these changes and outline the steps you need to follow to successfully login to the new website.

1. Connecting to the new version of NDSWeb:

Step 1: First time login only: Existing NDSWeb users will login with the same username and password as before, before they can be prompted to reset their password, based on the requirements below .

Step 2: If an account has an expired password or the password does not meet the new requirements (listed below), the system will prompt the user to reset the password:

  • have at least one digit
  • have at least one capital letter
  • have at least one lowercase letter
  • have at least one special character
  • be 10 to 32 characters

Step 3: If the account is active and the password is valid, the system will log the user in.

Step 4: If the user has forgotten a password, he should recover it with the “Forgot Password” option.

2. Reset your own password

There is no need to contact DFLU directly with password reset requests unless the steps below do not work

Step 1: If a user has forgotten their password, they can click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link that appears on the login credentials screen:

Step 2: By clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’ this generates a second page where the user must enter the username and email address in the appropriate fields, then click on the captcha to submit the password recovery request.

Password recovery screen

Step 3: The user will then receive an email with a link to reset their password. This link will only be active for 1 hour before it expires:

Password reset screen

3. The New NDS Web Interface

The processes for using NDSWeb are unchanged and it will work very similarly to the previous version when you enter information. There will be a new user interface that will be a bit different and several changes have been made that have allowed for more frequent system updates.

When a user logs in to the new version of NDSWeb, the vertical menu appears as below:

NDS Web Interface Screen

The breakdown of each of them has been simplified below:

Main Menu Submenus
Foreign establishments Requests from foreign establishments
Register a foreign establishment
Preparations Preparation requests
Preparing the register
Import / Export Status
Request the importation of controlled drugs
Apply for export controlled drugs
Request Import Precursors
Request Export Precursors
Notice User manuals
Privacy Policy
INCB Yellow/Green List
Link to Import/Export Gov page
Precursor Chemical Wall Chart

**As noted above, there is a new “Notifications” page on the website to keep users informed of important news, alerts and general advice.

4. Creating favorites in preparations

In the new version of NDSWeb it is now possible to create a list of “favorite” substances/preparations to avoid scrolling and selecting something from the exhaustive list.

Step 1: Log in to NDSWeb and select “Settings” at the top right of the screen. If you navigate to “User Settings”. You will see an option to enable substance/preparation favorites. Select this and click ‘Save’

Creating favorites in the preparation screen

Step 2: Use the blue arrows to add/remove substances/preparations to your favorites list. When you’re done, click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Add or remove substances or preparations screen

Step 3: If you are now starting a new “Controlled Drug Import Request”, when you get to the substance/preparation details, you will see a blue box that says “Favorites” or “All”. Make sure “Favorites” is selected, then click the + icon to select from the drop-down list.

Favorites or all selection screens

Step 4: Your favorites will now appear in the drop-down menu which you can select.

Favorites in the drop-down menu screen