• Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

A new guide puts the city back on the map

A JOINT Minehead marketing campaign, including a new visitor guide, is now bearing fruit as the city reaches its peak holiday season, business leaders said this week.

Minehead BID used funding from the City Center Disaster Recovery Program created by Somerset West and Taunton Council to help city centers recover from the pandemic, to fund a range of initiatives to attract visitors to ‘a day and those looking for longer stays.

“It has been many years since Minehead had an official visitor guide,” said Andrew Hopkins, Director of Minehead BID. “Using high quality images and material provided by Visit Somerset President Giles Adams, we hope to have shown Minehead in a new light.

“The 40-page guide has been very well received, and we hope to show that there is indeed a hidden treasure to be discovered in our city!

Julian Abraham, outgoing chairman of the revival fund and owner of the Old Ship Aground at Minehead Harbor, said: “The new visitor’s guide is a powerful tool in promoting Minehead as a great place to work, rest and play. large audience. visitors.

“Thanks to the fund, managed by Minehead BID, this is a clear and bold step forward as we consider recovery strategies in the future,” said Cllr Marcus Kravis, District Council Portfolio Holder for Economic Development: “SWT is delighted to have helped facilitate these initiatives implemented by the partnership of Minehead BID, local businesses, arts and other organizations to help Main Street recover from the impact of Covid-19.

“They really took the opportunity to promote the retail environment, tourist attractions and more in this dynamic guide, showcasing the best of this coastal community.

“I hope it will be adopted by our residents as well as visitors from across the country who can take advantage of what is on offer and support our economy after an incredibly difficult year.”

The guide’s distinctive cover was created by local artist Leo Davey, who said: “I was asked to create a new image but from a traditional perspective. Minehead comes out of the pandemic with a new optimism that I feel. The shiny new guide captures that.

Giles Adams, President of Visit Somerset, added: “It has been an honor to play a part in producing this will in Minehead, a place I have known and visited for over 50 years.”

A total of 25,000 copies of the Visitor’s Guide have been produced and are distributed by Glide Media, as well as the Minehead Shoppers Guide, produced by the Minehead Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to the visitor’s guide, 50,000 copies of an eight-page Welcome to Minehead flyer were produced. They will be given to every visitor to Butlin’s this summer in their welcome kit and distributed on site.

The flyer highlights places to visit in and around the city and provides details on where to eat and drink in Minehead.

John Whybrow, Managing Director of Butlin’s, said: “This marketing partnership is one of many steps Minehead BID is taking to get Minehead back on the map. We definitely think we’re on a winner being part of it ”.

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