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A “Gilmore Girls” travel guide to Washington, Connecticut

ByKeith M. Jones

Oct 7, 2022

We’re suckers for any show that happens in a small town (especially when fall rolls around), and our personal favorite show for everyone to watch. autumn mood is Gilmore Girls. There’s so much to love about this series: coffeewacky small town traditions, cozy sweaters, more coffee. We’re obsessed with all the characters, and while the show is serious enough to hold our attention, it doesn’t quite cross into crazy soap opera territory.

While this comfort show captivated fall lovers around the world, did you know there is actually a town in Connecticut that inspired the creator and writer Amy Sherman-Palladino? Washington, Connecticut is just as cozy and cute as Stars Hollow, and it has a lot of locations similar to what you see in the show. Real-life versions of Luke’s Diner, The Dragonfly Inn, and even Doose’s Market are all found in Washington.

To light up Gilmore Girls (or the year in lifethe comeback) on Netflix to get into the fall spirit and check out these sights without even leaving your couch (until you decide to book a trip, that is).

Brit + Co’s “Gilmore Girls” Guide to Washington, Connecticut

Once you arrive in Washington, there are tons of places you can visit and activities you can participate in to make you feel like you’re in Stars Hollow. Getting to Washington is fairly straightforward – you can drive straight into town if you take a car, but there are also two train stations about a 20-minute cab ride from town.

There are actually five villages in Washington – Washington Green, Washington Depot, New Preston, Marbledale and Woodville – with different aspects of the Gilmore Girls live. You can go pumpkin and apple picking and explore Hopkins VineyardAnnual Wine and Cheese Market. If you like outdoor activities, take a hike on one of the trails or take a bike ride. Whatever you choose to do, you won’t be disappointed with the scenery — US News named Washington one of the small towns to see the fall foliage!

Where to Stay in Washington, Connecticut

We are pretty sure that if you take a Gilmore Girls trip to Washington, Connecticut, that you’ll want to stay in the Mayflower Inn & Spa. Sherman-Palladino says her time at the hostel and in town inspired the concept of the show and the environment she wanted to create, so it’s a surefire way to get into the Gilmore Girls spirit.

If you want something closer to Lorelai and Rory’s house, you can check out some AirBnbs around town like this sunny colonial housefor a more intimate and private experience. This house offers access to the lake, an indoor fireplace and a private terrace for the whole family.

Hopkins Inn is another great option that will have you putting your feet up and relaxing. It sits right on the north shore of Lake Waramaug and has been welcoming guests since 1847. In the warmer months you can visit the Hopkins Inn beach, but when the temperatures drop in the fall the grounds are a great spot. to discover the fall foliage.

What to do in Washington, Connecticut

With urban sites like the Henry David Thoreau Bridge Where Hidden Valley Reserve which are gorgeous in the fall, you can also shop for unique accessories at stores like J. Seitz & Co. that Lorelai would love, and colorful stationery to Design by DK Schulman this would get Rory’s approval.

If you really want to feel in the middle of Stars Hollow, take a walk through the Washington Green Historic District see the colonial architecture of the city, the First Assembly Hall of the Congregational Churchand the Gunn Historical Museum for a dose of history. Similar to the town square in Stars Hollow, the Green is the center of many events in Washington. You can visit festivals and fairs, or bring a picnic like the characters do in “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” (although you don’t have to bid on anyone to earn their business) .

It wouldn’t be a Gilmore Girls trip without a visit to the local bookstore, and the Hickory Stick Library is one of the best places in Washington, Connecticut to find both books and stationery. The store has been around for 60 years, and it even has a “Rory is reading the list of books.”

Gilmore Girls combines a local restaurant and a hardware store in Luke (since he turned his father’s hardware store into a restaurant), but in Washington you can visit both! Check Washington Supply Company before eating Marty’s Coffee Where The Po Cafe (more on these later), and gather your family for a mini town hall at Bryan’s Memorial Town Hall.

For a glimpse of a real Doose Market, visit Washington Food Market, which is the only full-service grocery store in town. It’s been in the same place for over 100 years *and* it’s a family business, which we love. Keep your eyes peeled for Dean filling the shelves while you get some Gilmore-approved food.

Where to eat and drink in Washington, Connecticut

We’re pretty sure the most important thing you can consume on a Gilmore Girls on weekends it’s coffee. Fortunately, there are several options! Grab a cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage at Forge, Marty’s CoffeeWhere The Po Cafe (or take a cup of all three). If you decide not to order breakfast, stop in The pantry for a pastry.

Just as Lorelai and Rory often stop by Luke’s, stock up on burgers, desserts and pastries at restaurants like the GW Tavernthat will hold you back until you can do some Gilmore Girls receipts your own.

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