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A book that could help break the stigma of periods for all young women entering the life of a woman

ByKeith M. Jones

Mar 8, 2021

SAN JOSE, California, March 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As an advocate for ending the stigma surrounding menstruation and a brand dedicated to educating and empowering women of all ages, INTIMATES is celebrating Women’s day with the launch of a book for young girls who have just entered or are about to enter femininity.

Period education is still sorely lacking around the world, especially for young adults on the verge of puberty, confused and terrified of all the new changes taking place in their bodies and minds. INTIMINA “The Wonder Girls Guide” aims to fill the void left by inadequate educational programs, shame and taboos around periods, to start a conversation about a completely normal part of growing up.

INTIMINA, as a brand for all ages and stages, is on a mission to educate the world about rules and the importance of good reproductive health. The book, written by the creative director of INTIMINA Ana Ivusić, is created for ages eight to twelve and is vital as it tells the stories of trials and tribulations experienced by strong young women due to their changing and growing bodies.

“Menstruation is often a suggestion of health and fertility and should be approached as a normal and welcome occurrence,” explains Dr. Alyssa Dweck, practicing gynecologist and expert in Sexual and Reproductive Health from INTIMINA. “Open and direct conversations about periods will help dispel myths and misinformation and decrease shame, fear and embarrassment universally. After all, menstruation is almost like a ‘vital sign’ for us gynecologists. , and are often seen as a window into overall health. ”

Each story, whose main characters are presented through vivid and colorful illustrations by an aspiring artist and designer, Antonija Bačić, provides both the situational and scientific learning experience period information with practical advice to avoid unpleasant situations. Through the dialogues of the characters, the heroes of the book learn the importance of open communication between friends, relatives, understanding, tolerance, mutual support, protection, courage, altruism, authenticity and assertiveness. The situations depicted in the stories provide models for respectful and understanding conversations between parents and their pubescent children.

Ending period stigma is a goal that can best be achieved by starting small – in playgrounds, school hallways, locker rooms, wherever young people share their intimate lives. It is essential that normal human functions just stay that – normal, and that every conversation about natural growth should be stimulating rather than embarrassing.

“With this book, INTIMINA continues its mission to help women live fulfilling lives without being stigmatized by natural things like menstruation. This time we focused on young women because we want to help them enter into the process. fearless femininity and advise them on dealing with potentially difficult and embarrassing situations regarding menstruation. We believe this book will also be of great help to many parents who still have not sat down with their daughters and sons to explain all the changes brought on by puberty, “ said Danela Žagar, Global Brand Manager INTIMINA.

The online version of The Wonder Girls Guide Book is available as a gift with purchase above $ 50 to Intimina.com.

About Intimina: Founded in 2009, Intimina is a full range of Swedish branded products for the intimate well-being of women. With three care lines – Menstrual Care, Pelvic Floor Strengthening and Female Well-being – Intimina offers products for women of all ages. Each product is made from the highest quality body safe materials and has been designed and tested with the support of a global group of medical consultants and gynecologists.

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